, Longmont

, Colorado

, United States

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2020-02-18 11:59:01
“I’ve been passionate about flying since I was young. The latest advances in FPV multi-rotor flight have been so incredible. I build multi-rotors from scratch with my children and we mostly fly them together at city parks, away from others. If remote ID passes as proposed, the educational building and programming experience will be lost completely. There’s no way I or my family will be motivated to build an aircraft that will need to be taken to a specific field. The single greatest part of model flight is the freedom to fly in any uncontrolled airspace. We also make frequent trips to my fathers ranch, it’s an ideal flying location. There is 0 cell coverage, and the ranch is extremely large. It doesn’t make sense that my kids won’t legally be able to build aircraft and show them off for grandpa at the ranch.”