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, Pennsylvania

, United States

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2020-02-24 22:08:19
“I have been flying model aircraft on and off since I was 7 years old. Started in control-line and got into R/C airplanes in my 20’s then helicpters in my 40’s. I love the technology and this hobby dovetails nicely with my other hobby of machining. Manual lathe and a mill that I converted to CNC. R/C heli flying is the most addictive hobby I have ever had. Nothing better than a day a the field with a great bunch of guys and now even a few girls. Side note as a kid and later as father I flew model rockets with my Dad and then with my boys. How are they going to fare in all of this? A model rocket that only goes 400 feet. How the hell do you control that and what fun would that be? They are trying solve a problem that doesn’t exist in our world. What I am really worried about is when there are as many cargo hauling drones flying over my neighborhood as there are Amazon trucks. Wait until one of the noisy using crashes down on someones house, car, or child. That is what they should be putting a stop to rather than creating a path for.”