, Cheyenne

, Wyoming

, United States

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2020-02-14 16:06:28
“. I have been flying rc aircraft now for almost 10 years. I have dabbled in a little bit of everything this hobby has to offer from building my own models to flying First Person View or FPV and much more. This hobby has allowed me to experience views, scenery and the feeling of being in the sky that only a model aircraft can provide. It has also been a great stress relief and a way for this Military Veteran to return himself back in to a civilian style atmosphere by meeting some of the smartest, friendliest and welcoming people of all ranges from the youngest of 14 to the oldest person of 90 years. I have met young people with a passion for aviation not video games and texting. I have met and spoke with people to included young people with a passion for learning new technology and seeing the world in a much different way, not just here in Cheyenne but all over the world. What hobby can do that? Literally spoken and met with people from here in Cheyenne to Lativa. This hobby has a way of bringing people together of all backgrounds. An actual International community, where we can all agree on the same passion that the Wright brothers had at Kitty Hawk, the passion of flight. As a person who will never be able to sit behind the controls of a real world aircraft, model aircraft has allowed me to feel and experience that very same passion. I used to look up into the sky and say “that flight pattern is so annoying.” Now I look up and think wow that person is touching the face of God and I cant wait to do so myself.”