John Dewey

Hamlet II


, Ohio

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-20 15:15:12
“This hobby, this life brought me back. It changed my damaged mind to a functioning one. Around 8 or 9 years ago while recovering from brain surgery, hardly able to talk, i came across people on the internet making flying things. They looked very much alive. Whenever the plane launched, whenever the plane smashed into the ground. They where thrilled. Not long after (because of you guys) I became one of those people. Soon after i found myself building drones (so many drones) and fully dedicating my working life to teaching other people about this great lifestyle and flying every single day, healing.. It is so affordable and the most rewarding and educating thing i have ever experienced. While i understand the need for rules (like NZ dome rules) there is no need to end a over 100 year old lifestyle. The current recommended rules are unenforceable especially if an individual has ill intended uses for model aircraft. For some, Telling us to stop flying is like telling us to stop breathing. I live in an very urban working class area and small fpv wings, micros, minis etc are about as much room as we can fly, most weight under a pound pound and a half. I alone have taught 25 or 30 kids to fly at vacant baseball fields around here. Loitering neighborhood kids. I don’t want to stop. We have to be able to scratch build and fly in the working neighborhoods.”