, Alamogordo

, New Mexico

, United States

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2020-02-25 9:04:55
“I live in a remote desert area near White Sands Missle Range, the home of America’s space program. This area is IDEAL for aviation, both manned and RC. I fly in a variety of locations, some of which do not have cell phone coverage. I do NOT own a cell phone. Remote location flying is a ZERO safety issue undertaking. I view the Feds trying (again) to create a registry of pilots as a privacy intrusion and severe over stepping of their bounds. I will not have my name (voluntarily) on a registry. Might come across conspiratorial (tin-foil hat), but I simply will not comply with this latest power grab. Too ‘Big Brother’ for my tastes and it doesn’t pass the common sense test. I’ve been flying for 40 years without incident, nor intrusion by gov’t. I fully intend to continue to do so. Come and Take It.”