, Oakdale

, California

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-20 5:07:05
“I’m relatively new to flying Fpv, just discovered it this past September. Started out with an inductrix whoop and I was instantly hooked. I began building and upgrading, learning new things all along the way and realizing the potential that these little machines have. It’s been the most fun 6 months getting into this hobby. I’ve become a more competent pilot and builder. It’s helped me a lot in the way of my mental health. I work graveyard shift and even on my days off while everyone is asleep I can keep busy and unwind by building and troubleshooting. The best part is when it all works out and it flies beautifully. To fly something you’ve built yourself it’s an amazing feeling. To experience the world in a birds eye view and to not be in any danger yourself, but it’s like you’re there. I don’t have any problem obeying laws or anything like that if it reasonable. But these proposed rules are over the top. If it goes through, I don’t intend to stop doing things the way I’ve been. As long as I can still get parts, I’m gonna fly. I’m not going to use a remote id if it’s too heavy, too costly, or broadcasts anything to the public. Law enforcement is ok, but not to the public who will harass us. However, If remote id is free, discrete and also allows for amateur building I would support it.”