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2020-02-23 17:00:41
“I’m 53 and have been flying since I was a kid. I’ve been a member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and have followed their rules. I’ve never caused bodily or property damage. Flying was something that connected my late uncle and I early in my life and is what has connected my son and I early in his life. I have a few radio controlled (RC) airplanes and a few RC first person view (FPV) drones. I’ve been fortunate to collect these over time. Interestingly, I have not flown since the FAA has required registration over what has been a simple, enjoyable hobby. My position is that FAA registration will only keep the honest honest and will have no effect to those disobey rules. So, what’s the point? Further, my income is limited and will be more limited when I retire. I will likely be less in a position to afford the hobby should the FAA insist on further governance, especially, when we’re speaking of the proposed changes, the cost for the required electronics, and scarcity of local flying sites, and the inability to fly on privately owned land. I’m sad over all of this and can’t believe the government is wanting to restrict something in my life when I’ve done nothing to cause any issues.”