, Pickerington

, Ohio

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 12:56:26
“I got started with RC because I like to build models. Building a model from scratch or kit make it personal that I built the plane I can also fly it. I can still remmember my first flight of a low wing plane and was amazed that it flew. The club pilot said it flew well and gave me some other tips to make it fly better. Every plane I build I try to incorporate that into the build. This helps me to fly better and to make sure the planes are safe to fly. One of the things about flying rc is that I am flying the plane and not by a computer. I would not be in the hobby if I just pushed a button and watched a plane fly. Also being with a RC Club helps show that the RC hobby is a fun & safe. Our club has an open field where we demonstrate and teach others who are interested to be start with a positive introduction to RC. Then it would give a better spot light on RC than having persons go out crash and think these plane are dangerous. I have just started looking at the Flite Test website and community. I am looking forward to getting into buliding inexpensive planes. This is to me what flying RC is about a group of interested persons having fun and friendship. Jim Hingst Flying since August of 1988”