, Wyoming

, United States

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2020-02-21 17:17:27
“Model aviation is important to me because it was something my father did together when I was a kid and it eventually led me into becoming an aircraft mechanic in the Navy. After getting out of the Navy I was hurt in a car accident and I use a wheelchair to get around. Now that drones and FPV have become available it adds an entirely new aspect to the thrill of flight. I can get out of my chair and move around the world in ways I can only imagine before and when I race with my friends we are finally on an even playing field again. And, I am not just the guy in the wheelchair watching everybody else have fun. The proposed restriction will take all of that away along with a good chunk of my social life that revolves around drones and aviation. I know my story is just one of thousands but these restrictions have ripple effects that affect people’s lives in ways I do not think you have considered.”