, Ohio

, United States

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2020-02-23 2:05:39
“I’ll try to keep this short. I fly sub 150g micros with 3″ props in my back yard and my neighbors yard with his permission. I also fly a 19g ducted drone with 31mm props that is 68mm from corner to corner at indoor events during winter. I flew in big outdoor events the last few years as well, using a 400g racing drone i built with 5″ props, which is pretty standard for outdoor racing. I used to practice at the only AMA field that would let me in, which is 30 minutes from home, but because of the regulatory pressure affecting them, they decided to basically ban me from practice, so I’m forced to fly at a local park instead. I go there during school hours when it’s empty to avoid trouble. I have AMA insurance, so on the off chance i cause property damage I can cover it, though it’s never happened. I also don’t set up gates there because I could disturb people who show up afterwards to use the field, and leave when they do because I don’t think it’d be fair to hog it and I wouldn’t fly something that big and fast near people. In other words, It’s not effective practice. I’ve already given up on the major events this year, there’s nowhere for me to practice now. Just the pressure alone from possible laws has created mistrust in most AMA fields who see drone pilots as the reason they’re being targeted with regulations that never had anything to do with them in the past. Most of the seasoned members of these clubs are older men flying balsa wood airplanes they’ve had for decades. no cameras, no gps, just old fashioned model airplanes. The current proposed law as it’s written targets these people. I believe they target me when i fly my 3″ drone in my backyard. I don’t believe we were the intended target or the cause of any trouble, and sincerely hope this is recognized by people in power that can take us into consideration, and hopefully change it.”