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2020-02-19 9:47:10
“As a hobbyist, educator and commercial 107 pilot these proposed regulations effect not only my hobby but also my job. I feel that this increased regulation is the wrong way to go and that education is the correct path. In my opinion the FAA and AMA both have dropped the ball when it comes to education of new flyers. And with the off the shelf aircraft (DJI) the operators are not exposed to the community like someone that build a scratch built aircraft or a kit, because these people generally need help and will interact with the community and the community will educate them on where and where not to fly. I do know alot of these proposed regulations are security driven as well as the desire to put autonomous aircraft flying in the same airspace but a live tracking is not the answer. For the security aspect even if you have the law bad actors do not follow laws and find ways to circumvent restrictions, and if a aircraft was inbound to cause harm LEO would not be quick enough to intervene. So in the end your not “preventing” anything, you just might have more information to find the person after the fact. As for Google and Amazon’s dreams of drone deliveries, its easy.. There is already a system in place to manage traffic, its called LAANC. If we get authorization to fly in a particular airspace then Google or Amazon’s aircraft either goes above or around or THEIR aircraft needs to have sufficient sensors to avoid my aircraft, not the other way around. Google and Amazon have the money and resources to put sense and avoid hardware on their aircraft so make them do it, not the weekend hobbyist flying a $5 foamy plane with no flight controller or GPS.”