, New York

, United States

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2020-02-19 11:59:12
“Like most people will say. Leave our hobby along. Commercial drone industry wants our air space. We have been flying in this air space safely for over 8 decades. They don’t have the right to take it from us. It’s not fair. Stop picking on the small guy that doesn’t have deep pockets. All of this is unnecessary and is Government overreach. Mandating any of the proposed FAA regulation will kill the hobby. Putting people out of work and life long business will go under. If your a golfer. You love the sport. Buying equipment. Playing every weekend. But then the Government steps in and says, you can not hit the ball higher than 200 feet and you can not drive the ball more than 200 yards. You will need to install a tracking devise on each and every ball and register each and every ball. All golf courses will need to be FAA approved sites. How stupid does this sound? Well, That is what the FAA wants to do to the Model Aircraft community. Let’s be real and put a stop to all this nonsense.”