, Goessel

, Kansas

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-24 14:25:01
“I grew up driving my bicycle by the local fixed wing air park on my paper route 3 decades ago. I always wanted to learn to fly but I never had the money to buy a plane. I never got a plane as a kid. My parents could never justify the cost. In my mid 20’s I had a roommate that flew and he actually taught me how to fly a little bit but as I was building my first balsa built glow engine plane he moved away for a job and I never learned how to really fly and I didnt want to risk destroying my freshly built plane that I had spent so many hours building. So it sat for 10 more years. A year and a half ago I met a guy who was into RC planes and I started thinking about learning to fly again. That is when I found flite test. I was ok with destroying planes that cost dollars to build and I finally learned how to fly by literally wrecking planes and rebuilding them or building new ones almost every day. Then winter came and I got my first fpv whoop quad to fly indoors. From there it has been a journey of building 5″ freestyle racing quads and flying at local parks when people are not present, at an abandoned mobile home park community across the street from my work during lunch and around my house and any other place I think looks like fun. My 8 year old daughter also enjoys flying now. She has her own little indoor drone and likes to fly around the house. When it warms up we have plans to build a foam plane with her to teach her to fly fixed wing aircraft. She is engaged with the science of how flight works and says she wants to be an astronaut. Which given the direction of things is something that has a greater chance of success than when I was a kid. If remote ID and everything that comes with it was enforced when I was learning to fly. I could not have been able to afford to register every airplane that I built. Some literally lasted less than an hour after I built them. Or the expensive electronics I would have had to add. Or the subscription fee to a provider. I would have walked away from everything saying its to much of a hassle. I wouldn’t have met many great people. I wouldn’t have learned so much about programing and building and tuning and 3d printing which now is leading to me building my own CNC router that my wife and I are hoping to turn into a small business. Simply put this will kill the innovation, the freedom, the curiosity that grows inside of us when we experience flight. I would not be able to build a small foam tiny trainer plane from flite test with my daughter and go fly it in the field behind my house with out major restrictions.”