, Eads

, Tennessee

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 17:52:15
“I have 11 acres of property, live in a very low populated area with most neighbors having similar sized lots, so structures are very spaced out. I can not afford to have sort sort of structure built to house another internet connection/WiFi equipment, equip all models with relevant equipment and the likes. Nearest flying field is several miles away, do not want to pay annual dues to them as well as AMA. I have visited the field to speak to them about possibly joining. Asking # of people belonging to the club and average # that show up on weekends,, I just don’t have the time to go out on what few days that MAY be available to me with decent enough weather at the same time to sit and see IF I showed up early enough to get in line to be able to fly that day awaiting my turn. Meanwhile I have plenty of room in my own yard to fly the park flyers I typically stick with. If changes must be made, allow LAANC’s. If I am to stay in the hobby, I must be able to legally fly on my own yard at a moments notice, having time and weather at same time is rare enough. One of the questions asked how often I fly in my neighborhood. Well, never and always at the same time. I always fly at my home on my own property now. As for neighborhood. Not exactly a subdivision setting. But, I guess as sparse as the homes area, this would be my neighborhood, so always. I used to visit schoolyards prior to purchasing the home we now have. But after ‘drones’ started getting so much negative views in the media, folks that lived near the school frowned for my flying 150-200 gram planes such as Horizon Hobby’s Champ and quit flying for a couple years.”