, Ozark

, Missouri

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-19 12:28:32
“Radio control,and especially FPV,helps me to be more social and combat depression. It is one of the few things I can still get excited about and connect with people through. It is amazing how it can bring people together. It is amazing how it leads to innovation and creativity which ends up being shared with the larger community so that all may benefit from these ideas. There is a learning curve,and getting started in the hobby can seem expensive,but thanks to the online community,as well as local clubs, unofficial groups, and individuals who meet up to fly in parks and fields, it is possible for a beginner to learn how to build,tune,and fly their own aircraft. This is less expensive and far more satisfying than buying ready to fly off the shelf aircraft. It is also far more educational and I believe leads to more responsible and safety conscious hobbyists. I’m concerned that the proposed regulations will make it too expensive and restrictive for new people to enter the hobby,or for existing hobbyists to continue. Due to increasing population,safe flying locations are getting harder to find. Official club sites are being lost due to new housing and commercial developments. For this reason,we need to be able to establish new flying sites as old ones are lost. For some people,parks and private property are the only options available. I believe as a whole,hobbyists who fly these locations are very safety conscious. Any individual who isn’t,would quickly become a nuisance and could be dealt with by local law enforcement without any additional regulations. Most of our aircraft fly best when built as lightweight and simple as possible. We also tend to fly fairly low,and not very far away,or in the case of larger aircraft…at designated club flying sites. I’m concerned the addition of remote ID would add weight and complexity while offering little value in the data it provides. I think it would make more sense to just establish a database of parks and fields that allow rc flying rather than trying to track every individual. And I believe education is far more effective than regulation.”