, New York

, United States

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2020-02-15 9:41:33
“I live in NYC, one of the biggest no fly zones in the US, and that regulation makes sense given the population and property density here. But with these new proposed regulations I’d have to pay buckets in addition to the driving out of town that I already have to (and am happy to) do. On top of that, after driving more than an hour I’d only be able to fly in a flat grassy field. As an fpv multirotor pilot, the amount of disincentives would outweigh the benefits gained from MY ONLY FORM OF ANXIETY RELEASE. Although I recognize that regulation is absolutely necessary in order to protect life and property, I also believe there has to be. a form of regulation that doesnt encumber the average citizen looking to have fun. Flying as a hobby is all about feeling the rush of freedom, the feeling of release that soaring through the air offers. If we over regulate that hobby into the ground we will be effectively destroying the coping mechanism of thousands of people, myself included”