, Honolulu

, Hawaii

, United States

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2020-02-23 12:20:25
“Flying matters to me because at the end of the day, it’s almost everything that I have to carry me through to tomorrow. People have other escapes, television, video games, yoga but this is the one thing that brings me joy. Not only has this brought myself joy, but I have spread this hobby around enough to where my school now has a sponsored club that gives school funding for us to fly and innovate, whether it be with race gear or just trying out new aviation designs. We are learning and innovating through the current freedoms we have for remote controlled aircraft. Limiting our flight capabilities will only limit the possibilities that we can achieve in the near future. To put it in perspective, it is like heavily limiting our chemistry classes in fear of children making dirty bombs when they grow up. It would hamper our understanding of chemistry and cause delays in what could be very helpful. The same goes for remote controlled aviation. You never know what will happen, and that’s the beauty of it. Who knows, some kid who is just learning how to fly their model airplane for the first time could go on to design the absolute perfect aircraft in the future. But if you limit this kid’s ability to enjoy model aviation, then I can guarantee you that he will just put the controller down, never pick it up and subsequently never design said perfect aircraft. By limiting our ability to do what we love and love what we do, you are not only hurting us and our hobby, but also all of our futures as a whole.”