, Joplin

, Missouri

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-15 18:09:50
“It’s one of the few worth while ,pure hobbies I have left. Spending time with my children teaching them responsibility, electronics, success and failure. I have been building and flying rc aircraft for 27 years never dreaming something with the same risks of a thrown football would need government regulation. I do understand the urge for safety to be a primary concern it’s actually one of the foremost lessons of this hobby as it always has been. It seems with recent technological advances some crafts indeed would benefit from restrictions and regulations such as commercially operated aircraft flown over highly populated areas such as large payload carrying capable machines. None of which I have ever seen anyone fly for fun. And I believe it would be ridiculous to consider quad copters ,airplanes, foam wings, or balsa wood models flown for entertainment anything close to the same craft that would ever threaten the genral public requiring such measures ? Seems shockingly obvious to the the logical thinking common sense citizen. Like most things in this world if it is not being effectively managed by responsible parents theres a way bigger problem that needs addressed in my opinion. I would just like to see a reasonable approach taken to this too often the most informed and educated in the matter arent the ones making the rules. With that said I probably spend more quality time building and flying than most and my overall presence in the public’s airspace is very rarely even noticed by others but I wouldn’t want to trade it for the world. It’s time with my kids to teach them to experiment with knowledge to accomplish a goal using what they know,learning new things and having fun It is my belief that with very little investment anyone can experience and learn more about themselves flying a toy plane, its therapeutic, challenging, and exciting. It’s one of the few things left to get people outside and off their phones for a while to interact with family and friends.”