, Canada

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2020-02-22 22:01:41
“I discovered scratch building rc aircraft when I was in grade 9. It was a past time for me to try out my latest rc airplane build. 7 years later I still have so much fun building and trying new airplanes and quadcopters. Drone racing is so much fun, its also not just a competitive things its a social event and that half the reason I go to races. All in all if these regulations pass you take away a lot of the freedom for people to experiment and learn from building these aircraft. Here is the situation: I build this new 200g airplane that is super small flys really slow and has a 5 minute flight time(its not going to go far). Now I have to attach this who knows how heavy transponder to it. Now that I added an extra 100g the aircraft in transponder it has more inertia and energy when it hits the ground or something. Now I’m ready for flight, but wait my phone isn’t working or ran out of battery so now I wasted my 1 free hour in the day and now i’m sad.”