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, Colorado

, United States

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2020-02-19 13:39:15
“I am the type of Person that never stops learning. I am 37 and every waking day is another opportunity to learn and grow as an individual. Flying fpv is fun. Good clean fun. And because it’s fun , it’s easy to get kids interested. Through building micro quads I have learned and have taught others how enjoy our complex hobby. Since beginning to fly this past November I have built several micro quads. This experience has taught me many things I can bring to my professional life. I have learned about radio signals. Flight controller programming, aeronautics, electrical engineering, soldering, even thermal vacuum forming. I can apply these skills to my professional work as a maintenance technician for a high school. Limiting or taking away this hobby will slow progression and innovation. Like bicycles did, quads are pushing material science and technology. Taking away our hobby eliminates the thousands or people learning and growing the technology essentially free research and development. If we are going to rely on quads to deliver medication or anything else of importance, we need to allow the hobby to evolve the technology as it quickly has done over the past two years. Implementation of such strict rules will shut down the hobby and with it the free research and development of the technology, and the introduction of the passion of flight to future commercal pilots. Please consider the thousands of safe enthusiasts, the small American hobby shops, and people like flitetest who make a livelyhood introducing the wonder of flight to future generations. James Weber 9709874196”