, Lorain / Elyria

, Ohio

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-14 17:09:11
“i’m 57 and have been an AMA member for 50 years (65003), i have over 50 fixed wing airplanes programmed in my 2 DX6 transmitters, I have taught 50 plus people to fly, to solo, including my 4 adult children. we just adopted Elizabeth 3.5yr old and yes she was given an AMA next to mine (65002). i believe i should have every right to teach and enjoy the hobby that has a fantastic safety record as i always have, with out OLD SCHOOL STICK and RUDDER teaching were will the future pilots and astronauts come from? can any one explain to the FAA the will be shooting themselves in the foot. i have an idea, lets use a PC government term ( Sanctuary Flying Sights ) they have us mapped out already, and they must maintane the Sanctuary Flying Sights as NOT to shot themselves in the foot and not have any future pilots… James M. Seman AMA#65003 4614 willow Ave Lorain Ohio 44055 cell /text 440-213-6099”