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, Ohio

, United States

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2020-02-22 16:03:35
“I will soon be 70 years old, retired. I am an amateur photographer, and the points of view offered by drones is my attraction. I strongly believe in safety rules, and their enforcement while flying, however, I see what appears to be a grab for low-altitude flying by those seeing dollar signs – UPS, AMAZON, FED-EX to name a few. I believe the working group which proposed this rulemaking has way too many of their representatives, and way too few actual FAA rule-makers, or for that matter, flyers with mature judgment on low-altitude use for ALL. A few concerns: first, mandatory individual identification by third-parties, and the attendant cost as well as privacy issues is a total non-starter. Many would take advantage of this, and there are privacy and safety concerns. There also exists technology to get where the FAA claims they want to be without all the hoopla and cost. KITTY HAWK and AIR MAP applications leap to mind. Second, I frequently fly where there is little to no internet coverage. This is because I am flying to photograph areas away from people. Rulemaking that requires an internet connection does not work for me at all. Third, the cost of retro-fitting aircraft is unreasonable for people like me, living on retirement income. I had to really stretch to buy my drones – and I should mention here that none were purchased new, due to the expense of safe, quality drones. I do not believe anyone who now owns a non-retrofittable drone that will be rendered unusable except for use in a football field somewhere is going to either fly in the controlled field or throw their aircraft away. That’s several MILLION aircraft you are forcing to become rogue operators. Is the FAA really interested in the cost of a “drone police force”? It would seem the FAA is spending no time on the realization that one of its’ goals – SAFETY – is likely going to be the first casualty of this short-sighted, dangerous rulemaking. I urge the FAA to spend as much time and effort as necessary to do what is safe and right for ALL who want to fly.”