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2020-02-22 12:56:55
“I’m 71 years old and have been active in the hobby since 1955. Have flown everything from free flight, control line (gas), RC airplanes also gas and now RC Scale electric helicopters 450 size and above. Been active in copters for the last 7 years and have quite of bit invested in them. Flew helicopters in Vietnam so my passion for them is very strong here. I fly and treat them like I did while on active duty. Never operate around or near people even in an open area. Usually fly 6am in the morning and finish by 7am during the spring/summer months. Have a large backyard that’s fenced in and can practice hovering and short flights within my property during the fall/winter season weather permitting. For an pilot old habits are hard to break. Maintain flight and maintenance records plus have spare parts on hand. I’m well verse in FAA and AMA regulations and follow them to the letter. Flying RC aircraft comes with the added responsibility and maturity. Unfortunately of what I’ve seen are some drone pilots lack the experience and common sense of taking flying seriously. You’ll most likely never hear of a RC helicopter pilot fly in a restrictive air space. That’s because we know better and have years of experience on the sticks. All the pilots I know build their birds from kits and put many hours in getting them right. Plus the endless hours of fine tuning everything from the mechanics to the electronics. Drones or the other hand are 90% plus RTF and the factory has done most of the work for them. In flight they’re very stable and in some ways act like a co-axial helicopter. Not saying all drone pilots are not good people, but it only takes a few bad apples to ruin it for all. I knew this was coming after reading and seeing those who’ll take chances with full size aircraft or over populated areas here in the states. Overseas and in Canada they’re having the same problems. I look at these events the same as seeing a young driver behind the wheel of a sporty automobile/truck on the road. No difference between them at all. In closing I really enjoy your web site and wish I had thought about building out of the items you mention?.”