, Knightstown

, Indiana

, United States

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2020-02-13 23:37:39
“I have been flying since the late 60s. I had lots of hobbies and sports. Baseball, motorcycle riding road and dirt. I am disabled now so all I can do is my beloved RC hobby. I also operate a mobile hobby shop called Born Again Rc Airplanes. Said regulations would effectively kill my business. I am on a fixed income and have no money for my hobby. But my small profit I gain from my business keeps me in free Airplanes. So in my opinion most problems have been caused by irresponsible toy drone and some fools flying dji and yuneec style drones. If you check scratch built and arf built airplanes have not been a problem. This whole mess started when companies like Amazon wanted to have us out of the picture so they would have clear airspace. That’s my take. I bet no AMA members have caused any problems. As a group you will not find a better bunch of nerds anywhere.”