, West Jordan

, Utah

, United States

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2020-02-14 0:33:04
“Flying to me is a lot like fly fishing, watch a movie, or any other sport where you need 100% focus. For the time my airplane is in the air, 100% of my focus is on that plane. Bills, family stresses, politics and the other million things that can occupy my thoughts are put on hold while my plane is in the air. While my plane is flying, those stresses get put in perspective. It’s funny, my wife has mentioned that I seem happier when I can fly and notices that I’m somewhat grumpy when the weather or life prevents me from putting a plane in the air. The next great part of the hobby is the building and experimenting with things. Since picking up this hobby I’ve learned woodworking, to use different glues, paints, and to build with foam. I’ve learned basic fluid dynamics. The best thing I’ve learned is how to deal with a mishap on the flying field. I’ve learned to pick myself up, and move on. Sometimes I even laugh a little bit when a plane has an “unintended landing”. Since learning to fly model planes I’ve joined a club. It’s a great group of people from every walk of life with one passion, flight. Some of us in the club are totally different and probably wouldn’t be friends if it wasn’t for a passion of flight and a passion for model planes. For me flying is becoming a lifestyle as well as an antidepressant and it’s inspiring me to try things I never thought possible.”