, Anacortes

, Washington

, United States

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2020-02-13 21:58:05
“I fly as a hobby and consider myself a very educated and skilled person who builds almost everything fly. As this is a hobby cost and convenience is a big factor on my personal ability to enjoy it due to work and family life would be surely impacted if the current proposal becomes a reality. I share this family, friends, coworkers and pretty much anyone who I can spark intrest in! My children love being part of the creation and use of rc and fpv equipment. I feel it helps create bonds and memories that build healthy relationships and long lasting memories. This would be ashamed for them to not be able to pass this experience on to their children as our parents shared this with us. I share this hobby with my sister who is confined to a wheelchair due to the recent loss of her legs as a form of immersive mobility that she no longer can enjoy as she had.This would all be heavily impacted unfortunately unless the faa is able to see the consequences of this proposal from “our” prospective. I have not written my response yet as I have been waiting to compose the best possible response with the most information I can filter before the deadline. I am a master technician for my local Harley davidson Dealership and have recently done some volunteer work with the local high school and their shop class and will be contacting them to see if I can get them involved to comment on how this might affect their educational programs as well. As they are stem program participants and use drones for photography and filmmaking purposes I hope they are able to help. I hope this comment is useful. Please feel free to contact me If i can be of any assistance. Jacob Stringfellow”