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2020-02-26 17:18:07
“I fly planes helis and multi rotor. Flying is my release, and passion. Teaching others to fly. Building and designing. Crashing and rebuilding. It’s not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. Iv flown many places, free flight in my living room to 6 foot electrics in a football field to f3k in my back yard. Among my flying friends and I, we have many concerns about how this proposal may impact model aviation. Not everyone can afford, monetarily, to comply. And there is a large number of models that will greatly be effected by adding “unnecessary” electronic components that seemingly may not weigh much at all, but the addition of even grams can drastically reduce the intended flight performance. What are the statistics of problems the FAA sees that they are trying to remedy with this proposal? How will it be enforced? Does the FAA really believe that this proposal will solve anything, and to what extent? How are they going to ensure EVERYONE has been notified of the changes that may take place? I know a lot of ol timers that are clueless of this. Is this proposal made up as a way to make profit off the modelers? I feel that this proposal will effect our hobby in a negative way. Some may comply. Most will not.”