, Culpeper

, Virginia

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-19 10:44:27
“Flying is freedom from the day to day. Some people play golf. I do too and love it as well. FPV flight is invigorating, inspiring and challenging. I love the view from another perspective. I’m a Cardiac nurse by trade and the stress relief is amazing. Tinkering on the bench and the mental challenges of designing, building, programming and finally flying gives me extreme joy. Capturing that perfect video or finally landing that new freestyle trick is motivating. My two young boys are beginning to show interest and it gets their faces out of the iPad. It also allows me interaction time with them during the small time I have with them use to divorce. I have no problem with Remote ID but not in this current state. It is over-reach. Under 1kg amateur built no remote. Use LAANC LAANC system solves most of the problems currently being over addressed in new proposal. Shielded operation should be considered”