, United Kingdom

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2020-02-13 19:09:36
“The older I get the harder my mobility get I can’t do sports. And not as physical as I used to be. This is one hobby. I look forward to to get me out of the house. Get me out from under my wife’s feet. Which makes her happy as well. With the new rules and expense I will possibly have to give up his hobby Which I love so much. To end up up sitting in front of the TV all day! Not for me thank you, If this gets passed in the USA the UK will follow more or less exactly the same way the USA does. This is why. Why I’m taking the time to write this now. It always seems to be the small person in the world who has to change and to pick up the cost. Why!! Thanks for letting me take the time use survey. Yours faithfully Ian Walford living in the UK”