, Pittsburgh

, Pennsylvania

, United States

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2020-02-24 13:10:50
“Flying rc aircraft has brought my family a lot of enjoyment. We have the most fun flying quads. I’m an old man with little kids well not so little no. I’m 62 years old and fighting cancer / 3 sons 2 in college 1 graduating H.S. My oldest goes to W.P.I. Double majoring in aerospace & robotics hopes to get a masters in Nanotechnology form rc and building LEGO mindstorm robots as a boy. My middle son Penn State industrial engineering with a mechanical masters the older boys want to start their own company aviation/rockets/motorcycles. The youngest undecided. The rc quads have become my favorite l go out to my backyard and fly around. With the cancer I don’t feel like going anywhere I don’t have to. I can sit in my yard run out a couple of batteries and enjoy. My boys come and join me when they have time or in town. Flying is a bonding and fun thing at our house.”