, Pennsylvania

, United States

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2020-02-23 15:04:44
“Flying is a great hobby for all involved. It gets our kids away from their electronics. Responsible flying should be the goal. I agree many folks either don’t care or are ignorant of the current rules. When it comes to the use of gps and units capable of flying beyond line of site, I believe we need to increase the license requirements. However, I strongly feel the position of the pilot needs to remain anonymous, other than law enforcement. Case and point. In the oil and gas industry that I currently serve through the use of drones, there are many folks who have strong opinions. Our drone has been shot at from some of these types, luckily never hit yet. I wouldn’t want these folks knowing my position! Please rethink your approach on implementing this remote ID idea. Leave the recreational RC modeling alone and only regulate the GPS, long range, and or BVLOS capable UAS. I do not believe this solution can be a one size fits all solution!”