, Concord

, North Carolina

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 18:44:44
“My dad was a helicopter pilot in the Navy, so there was always an interest in aviation for the family. One Christmas day he got me a RC helicopter. A good one with a swash-plate and all four channels. I had an interest in quadcopters and rc heli’s from then on. Years later I found the FliteTest channel and decided to get the simple cub kit, as I already had an old dsm transmitter and receiver lying around. After I wrecked that plane I learned how to make more from foam board and have been flying off those original electronics since then. I use the FT explorer now. I decided to pursue a career in Aerospace Engineering because of how much I enjoyed the hobby. My uncle also is involved in the hobby and he flies FPV racing quads, so I had someone to ask if I had questions.”