, Michigan

, United States

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2020-02-26 18:05:26
“I suffered a stroke several years ago and began RC aircraft flying the year following. RC flying was my physical therapy and restored my quality of life –I was able to regain hand-eye coordination and hand usage originally lost on that horrible day. The freedom of this hobby allowed me to purchase a gyro-stabilized aircraft and then lean to fly it (fly “them”, actually. Several did not survive the long learning curve) Your new rules would have kept me out of the hobby and blocked-off this most rewarding and beneficial therapy. These rules will turn the hobby into de facto pay-to-play. I can understand mandated technology and government control for commercial RC entities, but not hobby fliers. We need to maintain our freedom to fly and not be encumbered and constrained. Mandating all kinds of hi-tech stuff on cars and trucks would go a long way towards auto-reporting and auto-fining speeders and idiot drivers, which would increase public safety and security. This logic, however makes me sick and makes me want to say that we are not that kind of people but it’s clear that the people behind the take-over of the hobby are that kind of people. It is clear that the beneficiaries will be others, not us the American People. Do not take our freedom to fly and turn the hobby into a pay-to-play scheme for other’s benefit.”