, South Africa

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2020-02-22 17:49:44
“I have always been interested in RC flying since small scale aviation has fascinated me since as far back as I can remember. As a kid I would always have some stupid little toy RC helicopter or plane that I would fly in my yard or take it to school. It sparked a love for aviation and the Engineering/Science behind, that just kept blooming into where it is today. Today I am in a position where I am finalizing my MEng Masters degree in Computer Engineering and Artificial Intelligence, I got into 3D printing and CAD and I cannot get enough of aviation related youtube and TV content. All of this I feel spawned from the basic and yet not so basics physics and engineering that went into making those toys fly way back then in the 1990’s. FPV opened my eyes to things like these and it made my dream as a kid come true, of actually flying from the cockpit of those toys and in full absolute control of my craft. When I fly I feel like I can go anywhere and do anything in 3D space. It’s a form of escape and all of a sudden all of life’s problems melt away into a puddle and I’m left feeling a true sense of freedom. And to my surprise back when I started I also found that flying is only half of the entire FPV package. The other half is this amazing community and I can proudly say that I obtained not just life long friendships but an actual family all because of FPV miniquads. These regulations are trying to make the world a safer place but they are also trying to make the top level guys a lot of money. In the pursuit of safety, killing the thing we loved to do in the first place is a cost greater than any. That is a cost I cannot afford to pay, no matter what. I love FPV with all its faults and fun. kind regards, A broke engineering student who for the last 3 years scraped every cent he could just to afford to stay in the air with my bros every weekend at our parks and bandos :)”