, Staunton

, Virginia

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-23 9:08:28
“Hello, I started in the RC hobby when I was a child. I have around 41 years of experience. I have had vehicles,planes,drones and helicopters. I belong to the AMA and fly at our local field. This would become a CBO area. What bothers me is we are allowed to use this land for free. If after registering with the FAA and the application period closes, what happens if we lose our field? We could find another field but we wouldn’t be able to register it with the FAA, basically putting us out of luck. Registration should always be open at a minimum. Lastly you guys do great work. The kids of today are the innovators of tommorow. We can’t put the cost burden on them. The AMA is $75 plus our club dues which are cheap compared to other clubs at $50. Then tack on remote ID cellphone wifi and equipment. The Wright brothers had a dream and fulfilled their dream. I don’t want to hender our youth with fees and burdens to experience flight. That was me being nice. I still fail to see the safety benifit. We all know evil people will do evil things. These rules will just make a lot of criminals out of lawful people. I still can’t understand why a private plane doesn’t need to have his transponder on to fly. Yet you want a RC model to give it’s location. Last I looked there have been zero incidents with rc models so why the push? Is big business trying to buy up the airspace? Doesn’t the FAA have more pressing issues to work on such as Boeing? Lastly who is going to enforce these laws? Local police are understaffed, do you think they are? They can’t enforce federal law anyways. How about we keep the current laws and they enforce them. Go on YouTube and pick someone out and make an example out of them to get the ball rolling.”