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2020-02-25 17:41:03
“I’ve been flying Model Aircraft for 59 years now, started when I was 4. I made Aviation my career (Navy CV-63 & CV-64 Aircraft Carriers as Aerographer 2nd Class, built AH-64 Apaches & Eclipse 500s & ramped for 2 different airlines as well as mechanic’ed for other aircraft companies). My two younger brothers followed my enthusiasm. One flew for the Navy (A-7s on CV-65 and for Top Gun as an instructor), also has 30+ years as PIC on heavies at a major airline. The other got his A&P and worked for several different aviation companies. I’ve taught hundreds of folks to fly R/C. I’ve competed in many competitions all over the country. I put on Model Airplane demonstrations to public and private schools, community centers, whatever. I am President of my local club for the past 10+ years and continue to give back to the community what aviation, specifically, Model Aviation has given me. I have re-acquired one of our flying fields when it was taken away by the city P&R due to one neighbor (Alzheimer’s). Six months of diligence and 4 neighborhood association’s approval to do it. I have argued with the city in favor of more acceptance, better safety measures, better facilities for Model Aviation in all of our 3 parks and have gotten it. Model Aviation teaches more than just Aeronautics. Math, Physics, Science, Geometry even History and Geography (What, where, who flew any particular airplane at any given time.) Eye/hand coordination; wood, metal, plastic, composite, paint, decal & fabric work; electronics; chemicals, radios and the knowledge concurrent with all of these skills are just some of the personal gains this hobby gives. Typically a new Model Aviation enthusiast interacts with older folks well versed in the hobby and in life. Traits passed along include: Integrity, Responsibility, Honesty, Empathy, and Respect. In fact, many of our Pilots are Senior Citizens and Veterans. If a Senior Citizen Center really wanted a perfect activity for its members, I could not think of a better one than Model Aviation. Besides the aforementioned, it gets you outdoors and interacting in the best way with other people. Amazing that in these days, when the FAA and the Aviation Industry itself is screaming for more pilots, mechanics, engineers, etc., that the powers that be want to limit our activities. If anything, I would open it up, make it easy to get into, and advertise just how good this little hobby is for our kids, our seniors, and ourselves. Sincerely, Greg Rullman President Duke City Electric Flyers”