, Iowa

, United States

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2020-02-14 17:01:45
“Model aircraft aviation has been around for many years and this is something I hope to continue with my children and grand children. The areas we fly in such as our fields, pastures, and local parks are very rural with limited cellular service and no internet connectivity. I personally do not believe small model aircraft should be grouped with commercial r/c aircraft, drones, large scale UAV, etc. Kites, gliders, and small scale aircraft have been around many years with limited number of safety incidents. Anything we do in life has a risk but I think requiring remote ID would destroy a multibillion dollar industry and cause greater damage on a global level than realized. Likewise, the small scale foam aircraft we fly could not support more than a couple of grams of additional equipment and still stay in the air. I beg and plead you to not limit the hobbyists of today and encourage you to look at the benefits this safe hobby has brought to many communities around the US. I truly hope I’m able to enjoy this hobby as my family has for the last 30 years.”