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2020-02-24 22:49:51
“I have been flying fixed wing and small helis via line of sight for 30+ years. 95% of the time at official AMA field, under AMA and club rules. Hav never witnessed AMA members doing anything to interfere with full scale aviation. The problems are not with AMA members flying line of site at AMA sanctioned fields. And these folks need no more restrictions. The controls need to be applied to the people flying multicopters etc outside AMA rules, using autopilots, gps flightplans etc. ANyone with a fat wallet can buy sophisticated gear which is easily missused either through ignorance or bad intent. Control these guys! restrict purchase of these autonomous drones to people who know how to use them! And don’t suffocate the hobby/sport by preventing future sites from being approved. This will make things more dangerous by driving people to fly in less safe areas! I have met incredible people in this hobby. Veterans of WW 2, Korea, Vietnam and Gulf wars. Aeronautical engineers, Current airline pilots. Engineering students, A Phd student in Fluid Dynamics, people from Israel, Germany, Bulgaria, Columbia, and Mexico. All flying line of sight at AMA fields. Requiring us to have connections to wifi, and aircraft born transmitters, and/or not allowing for new sites will devastate this sport. Dont crush this sport!”