, Cedar Rapids

, Iowa

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-24 11:41:03
“Field distance increases from 3 min to 30 min making hobby not feasible during late fall/winter (light restrictions) and burdensome due to distance Current field (approved city park) is in a location without cellular access. Current airfield is not a threat to low flying aircraft as such safety is not increased by this regulation. Airfield approvals are granted at the beginning of the implementation only meaning over time there will be fewer. Currently there is only one AMA field, and air traffic at the field will not be feasible. Current AMA field is unprotected from the wind, which is less of an issue with the larger gas powered aircraft, however small light aircraft can often not fly there due to wind. Foam fliers use parks with plenty of wind breaks, and these local fields are not viable after regulations are approved.”