, Florida

, United States

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2020-02-22 18:41:43
“Started in this hobby in 2018 from watching you-tube video. Have always enjoyed electronics computers and technology. Educated myself and learned to solder and design and build from many different you-tube channels. I have shared the FPV hobby with many co-workers, family and people who I meet while enjoying this hobby. I like sharing some of the info I have learned with others also educate that drones are not bad and only used for spying on neighbors. If this hobby is destroyed by regulations this will be a shame. Most people who build and FLY FPV have a respect and love for this hobby that many may not understand. And this includes doing this hobby in safe way not putting people in danger. Technology has advanced to allow us even better video quality making it even better. If this all ends do to politics or big business interest it will be a shame. Thanks for letting me express my personal opinion.”