, Goodyear

, Arizona

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-23 8:42:03
“Retired aviation professional. Aircraft Sales and CFI. I understand the safety concerns to real aircraft. But the real solution is education and community oversight from local clubs and AMA for drones. Model aircraft are flown by responsible citizens and primarily older generations. Drones are primarily flown by younger generations that demands instant gratification. Involve communities like AOPA did to secure local airports after 911 was a huge success. The same results would happen if the FAA would empower and support local clubs and demand that manufactures include educational information on airspace flying rules. An RC airplane takes time to learn to fly and generally are not the problem because these pilots join clubs, support groups, for information. Stabilized drones offer that instant gratification where educational airspace info must be provided in the box by the manufacturer and geofencing.”