, Asheville

, North Carolina

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-19 13:07:54
“FPV drones have given me the ability to learn and teach the basics of electronics and flight. It has helped me form meaningful relationships based around this shared interest of creating flying machines from scratch and using them to explore not just our environments, but also ourselves. The freedom from flight has helped me immensely with depression, anxiety and addiction. Late nights at the bar have been replaced with much later nights with a soldering iron, building and testing the drones i build. Since beginning this hobby I have now become a photographer for a number of small companies that produce drone parts, and now support myself entirely in this manner. To implement the rules as stated in the NPRM would put an end to not just my hobby, but also my livelihood. The scratch-built drone industry has enabled thousands to leave jobs they hated to open small businesses that employ folks such as myself. Without it myself, and many others, would be lost.”