Finn Lei


, China

Posted on
2020-02-13 17:31:27
“Until around 3 years ago I owned about 1 or 2 10-30 dollar 2 or 3 channel aircraft a year. Each of these usually lasted about 3 weeks until I crashed them in my back yard. I realized I wanted to do more with the Hobby. At the time I was in grade 6, and the 7th graders did this really cool science project where they ordered a chuck glider from online and tried to make it RC. Sadly I could never work with them as I was in grade 6. So I decided to try it out myself. I ordered a chuck glider and added electronics to it. It ended up not going to plan and was destroyed on the first flight but I was motivated to do more. Then I discovered Flite Test. I ordered my first plane from their website, built it in my garage and took it to my school’s soccer field to fly. It also wasn’t a success but I did manage to get some research done and came to the conclusion that I needed a trainer. So, I saved up for about 5 months and bought myself an E Flite Apprentice. This was a complete game-changer as I learned to fly completely on this trainer. Since then I also own an FT – Sea duck which is the first plane that I built that flies. (I was so proud that I spent around a month coming home from school every day and spray painting it) Currently, I am working on an FT – Commuter with my friend. Of course not right now as my family and I decided to escape from the Coronavirus which has affected thousands of people in China, but I and my friend will get back to building as soon as this is over. I know that my story probably doesn’t help your case that much as I don’t live in the US but it is worth a shot.”