, Wilmington

, North Carolina

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-25 21:51:18
“Hi im 14 and my name is fen i live in Wilmington NC were FPV is unheard of im pretty sure im like the only person in my town who flys FPV and drones in general I’ve always loved RC things i have RC cars, RC boats, RC plans, and drones. Have been flying drones since i was about 5 now they were the really Crapy ones that you could get at Walmart for like $20 but it was still the funniest thing i had and my parents have committed on how my progress of drone flying over the years has grown to be something really exciting and cool they love that its my hobby though they may not understand it they do think its really cool. Before I found FPV my parents were concerned with my mental state and how i was constantly unenthusiastic about everything and how i didn’t care and that i was just generally unhappy, but they have told me that ever since i have been flying FPV that my attitude toward everything it just so much more positive and happy and i feel that way to any time i feel sad or something if i just go outside in my backyard and rip a fue packs i am just back to normal and since im only 14 i have to have my parents drive me everywhere so if the FAA makes designated flying areas i wont be able to go and fly whenever ill probably be limited to only on the weekends and thats just depressing in its self plus like i said im like the only person in town that flys FPV so i would probably have to drive like a hour away to find the nearest fly zone and thats just a big downer, because all ive wanted since i was a kid was to be able to fly like a free bird and now with FPV thats the closest i can get to it and if the FAA makes me have to go to designated areas to fly well i will no longer be a free flying bird. Thank you for listening me Senserly: a member of the FPV committee”