Felix E



, Louisiana

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-13 19:28:34
“The concerns model aircraft hobbies currently have can be compare without going to extremes to owning a weapon! Here is why 80% of the population can buy, register, and train with it regularly in order to comply with the laws. However, 20% of the population illegal acquires a weapon, and the government instead of focusing of the 20% of illegal acquired weapons. They focus on the complete removal of all weapon! Here is how I feel, we will loss by giving in to the governments out outrages regulation; 1st Innovation – (The government doesn’t create a thing) instead depends on the private sector to come up with new ideas. 2nd Education – I am a 63 year old who through building your models (Flitetest) has become very aware how crucial “mathematics” is to building anything. Mathematics is very important as well when working with electronic components. 3rd Physics and building model airplanes go hand-on-hand, something I would have never known if it wasn’t through building and flying model airplanes. I am sure you guys (Flitetest community) can come up with many other thing you can add to the education aspect of building and flying model airplanes. On a social level think of the person (Child whom is hard to reach)who is an introvert, and through a simple hobby changes their life for the better forever! I have two autistic grand kids! Imagine 1 out 10 autistic children been reach through a simple hobby that the government what’s to control or ban! Thank you for being our voice,”