, El paso

, Texas

, United States

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2020-02-23 13:40:13
“Hello FAA. My name is Felipe Gallardo I am a local FPV pilot here in El Paso Texas. First of all Fpv has brought nothing but joy to my life since the first time I laid my eyes on this hobby on youtube. Fpv has changed my life in a big way! I come from a dark side side of this world from doing drugs stealing and hirting people around. Fpv showed me friends ship shows me love for people as the people around Fov show the dame for me. FPV made me follow a different path in life. And a good path. Something so simple as a quad propped machine to give you a rush and excitement and a sense of accomplishment after working hours one rigs just to get it a couple feet of the ground. Once you put those googles on and you get that outer body experience. Wow!! Its on something you would have to try for yourself to feel. Thank you for hearing me out and maybe think twice about all these regulations that might affect the way my machines flys or where I fly it. Thanks you all!! P.S. Fpv is not a crime. It’s a life style!! Please let us keeps our life style.”