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2020-02-20 5:32:16
“Growing up I’ve spent a lot of time with my dad building and flying rc airplanes, and through the years slowly lost interest. Only a couple years ago I started to get back into building and flying all sorts of model airplanes and drones, because of advancements in technology and reasonable prices of them. It’s been nothing but enjoyable to go find a field/park or remote location and just fly around for an afternoon. This proposed regulations will probably make some of my smaller but not sub-250g models unflyable if i have to add any more equipment to them, and will definitely be cost prohibitive for equipping numerous larger models with any more equipment. I wish these regulations would have an exemption for more types of models, such as anything not gps equipped, that needs to be manually flown/navigated. I feel like most of the “incidences” that started these regulations were from semi-autonomous drones that can be flown far away because they are capable of returning via gps on their own, so they take almost no skill to use. If everything else such as traditional planes and common fpv drones would be exempt from future regulation, it would relieve a lot of stress I have worrying about if most of my models will be useless in the future.”