, Bowman

, Georgia

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-13 19:55:45
“Hi i’m a racecar driver that to most people’s surprise loves the RC hobby. I fly mostly electric line of sight aircraft Ie Timbers, bixlers, FT planes but I started with glow planes back in the day. Been flying for around 20 years now about as long as I’ve been racin. Im slowly making my way into fpv and would love to combine dirt oval racing with fpv somehow. I’ve got buddy’s I fly with almost every weekend but i’m normally out in my pasture every afternoon flying something right by myself. I’ve been slowly trying to get my wife into flying planes with me. She likes most everything im into especially the car racing. It’s funny im actually a good driver with a lot of wins so it kinda shocks people to learn that I eat sleep and breathe RC and flight in general. Not so sure about this remote id deal but I did my part and left a polite comment. I think it’ll work out ok if everyone does their part. Love you guys at Flite Test your the reason I dove head first back into the hobby. Thanks for all you do.”