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2020-02-13 20:41:20
“Hi, my name is Ethan, and I’m 15 years old. I’ve been flying since I was 7 or 8. For me, building is half the fun of the hobby. I like that each aircraft that I build is unique, and that I made it from scratch. My first plane was a Telemaster that me and my dad built, and my second was an FT Bloody Wonder speed build kit. I’ve also built the Mighty Mini Corsair, the Bushwhacker, and the FT Arrow. My first multirotor was a Blade Nano QX, which I eventually converted to FPV. I went through that (AKA I broke it?‚) and an Inductrix (also converted to FPV) before building a FT-210. I’ve also built a Gremlin, and designed 2 frames for it. In the past year or two, I acquired my first DJI drone, the Phantom 3 Standard, and then sold it to buy a Mavic Pro. I’m in to content creation like graphics, photography, and video (I’m @ethannphotovideo on Instagram and EthanN Photo Video on YouTube), and my Mavic gets used a good bit in those. If the internet was required to fly, it would limit me considerably, because not only do I not own a phone with a data plan, but I enjoy flying off the grid, where I’m not worried about where I can and can’t fly. With all of these expensive hobbies (I’m constantly upgrading cameras, model aircraft, and my editing PC), I can’t afford extra equipment, cell data plans, or remote ID service subscriptions, so flying models might become too pricey. I’ve gained countless skills from RC, like soldering, hot-glue-gunning, and laughing when I crash (the other day, I was flying my Tiny Whoop out of my second story window, and I was bringing it back in, but I missed the window and hit the side of the house, and it fell 10 feet down off the roof. I laughed for a quite a while?‚). The rate at which technology is advancing is amazing, with cameras, and drones becoming smaller, cheaper, and higher quality. This set of rules would most likely limit that innovation a lot. Thank you guys for everything that you do. Me and my dad have been following you for many years now, and I’ve learned so much for your videos. Ethan Nenadic P.S. I’d add more photos, but it says I can only upload 2?¢ One photo is of my Gremlin, and the other was taken when I was 11 with my Mighty Mini Corsair.”