, Fairmont

, West Virginia

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-25 15:40:11
“I fly a drone commercially under part 107 and will have the occasional job. With my job’s backing, the fees wouldn’t be a big deal and if I had to buy a new drone they would probably fit the bill. I’m not worried about the additional regulations commercially. However, one of my family’s close friend’s has a kid who is crazy about drones and I feel as though with these new rules it would suck the fun out of it for him if you make him go to a “fixed site”. The kid adores flying small drones in the backyard and with his short attention span (being a younger kid) I fear his love of flying would disappear if you made him go out and join a club or go to a specific place to fly. If you could introduce some sort of system to make flying in his backyard “legal”, then I think the drone hobbyists would not drop off as severely if this new rule would be implemented as it currently stands.”
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